Meet Us

Meet Us



Pete (Dad) is an experienced barbershopper, having sung in two District Champion quartets, and directed the award winning Great Northern Union Chorus in Minneapolis.  He is also a music professor at University of WI, River Falls and is very busy coaching choruses and quartets throughout the Midwest.  He sings, plays the upright bass, and drives the bus. Rachelle (Mom) is an accomplished singer and violinist and is a former Sweet Adeline.  She is also an accountant, a homeschool teacher, and the obvious reason for the cute kids!


David (17) plays the banjo, sings baritone/bass, and has a great ear for harmony.  He also enjoys running, weight lifting, Crossfit, and building things.


Aaron (15) plays guitar and sings wherever his new low voice will fit.  He likes to beatbox, create Lego designs, and loves the Vikings.


Luke (12) has become a key member of the group with voice still unchanged!  He plays mandolin, sings lead/tenor, has a great sense of humor, and is our electronic techie.


Paul (6) has recently started performing on stage!  If we can get him to smile, he has great dimples.  He’s an excellent Frisbee golfer too.


Keziah (3) is a GIRL!!!  She talks A LOT and is in charge of wardrobe and being cute.

  • Upcoming Dates

    • 5/30/21 Big Lake, MN
      Carefree Country Club
    • 7/11/21 Wayzata, MN
      Groveland Summer Church
    • 7/11/21 Farmington, MN
      Empire Township Townhall Park
    • 7/23/21 Lake George, MN
      Lake George Bible Chapel